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The Texas Public Health Association (TPHA) job postings page is a free service to our members.  If you have a job vacancy that you would like to post on our website please send a link to your job posting to the TPHA office at Txpha@aol.com 

NEW!  (Posted on September 28)

City of El Paso Public Health Department - Public Health Dentist-Licensed to practice dentistry in the State of Texas by the State Board of Dental Medical Examiners, Certified to write prescriptions by federal and state regulatory authorities and Valid Texas Class "C" Driver's License or equivalent from another state.

Under general direction, provide professional chair side dental services. Provide preventive, restorative and surgical services. Preventive services include prophylaxis, topical fluoride, oral hygiene instruction, diet instruction and sealant placement. Interpret radiographic survey of oral structures/tissues of clients. Refer to appropriate specialist when required treatment is beyond the dental provider's scope. Assure that necessary consent and treatment of documentation is complete and accurate. Comply with infection guidelines, radiation safety guidelines and Hazardous Chemical guidelines as mandated by the Health District and/or Texas State Board of Dental Examiners.

Please apply at: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/elpaso

NEW!  (Posted on August 5)

The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), a national organization representing approximately 2,800 local health departments (LHDs) nationwide, has an immediate opening for full-time Program Analyst, Health and Disability.

For details, please visit: http://careers.naccho.org/jobs/8337937/program-analyst-health-disability

NEW!  (Posted on July 25)

Health Administrator-Under general direction of the Director of Community Services, to manage, plan, coordinate, and supervise the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District, the City of Abilene's Health Division; to negotiate, plan, and coordinate with Federal, State, Taylor County and other local authorities on matters concerning public health programs; and to assist the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health Advisory Board and the Health Authority/Medical Director to ensure efficient delivery of public health services; to perform special assignments; and to coordinate administrative and program matters.

Click here for more information

NEW!  (Posted on July 25)

The Texas Department of State Health Services, Center for Health Statistics, has a Manager IV position open within the Health Information Resources Branch. We are looking for candidates with skills in both human resources and data management  This position is focused and geared toward professionals with supervisory experience.  

For more information, please review the job posting at https://jobshrportal.hhsc.state.tx.us/ENG/careerportal/Job_Profile.cfm?szOrderID=326750&szReturnToSearch=1&&szWordsToHighlight=center%20for%20health%20statistics.  Applications must be completed by 07/27/16.

NEW!  (Posted on June 22, 2016-still open)

Job#2016-07 – Local Health Authority (part-time)

This position may be applied for by visiting the Galveston County Health District’s website at http://www.gchd.org/hr/job.htm.  Thank you in advance and please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.

Local Health Authority-In accordance with Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 121.021, a Local Health Authority is a physician appointed to administer state and local laws relating to public health within the appointing body’s jurisdiction. A health authority shall perform each duty that is (1) necessary to implement and enforce a law to protect the public health; or (2) prescribed by the board. Duties of a health authority include establishing, maintaining, and enforcing quarantine in the health authority’s jurisdiction; aiding the board in relation to local quarantine, inspection, disease prevention and suppression, birth and death statistics, and general sanitation in the health authority’s jurisdiction.  This is a contract / part-time position requiring on average of 3-5 hours a week devoted to local health authority functions.  

Essential Job Function-Under Section 121.024, a health authority is a state officer when performing duties prescribed by state law.  Protects the public’s health according to state and local laws including but not limited to issuing public health advisories, alerts and warnings; developing standing delegation orders when necessary to address any array of community, environmental, or disaster-related health threats in accordance with Texas Health & Safety Codes; reviewing and signing medical orders for the TB program and signing orders for screenings and diagnostic follow-up for the BCCS/D’Feet (breast and cervical cancer screening programs) as well as reviewing reports related to these programs on a weekly basis;  establishing, maintaining, and enforcing quarantine in the health authority's jurisdiction; aiding in relation to local quarantine, inspection, disease prevention and suppression, birth and death statistics, and general sanitation in the health authority's jurisdiction; reporting the presence of contagious, infectious, and dangerous epidemic diseases in the health authority's jurisdiction to the State in the manner and at the times prescribed by the State; reporting to the State on any subject on which it is proper for the State to direct that a report be made; and aiding the State in the enforcement of the following in the health authority's jurisdiction: proper rules, requirements, and ordinances; sanitation laws; quarantine rules; and vital statistics collections.   

Qualifications-A local Health Authority must be a competent physician with a reputable professional standing who is legally qualified to practice medicine in this state; and a resident of this state. To be qualified to serve as a health authority, the appointee must (1) take and subscribe to the official oath; and (2) file a copy of the oath and appointment with the department and (3) take any required health authority training. A health authority serves for a term of two years and may be appointed to successive terms.

This position must also possess the ability to interact effectively and professionally with local, state, and federal officials, persons from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, education, racial, ethnic and professional backgrounds. Must be an excellent communicator, at both the interpersonal and public levels. Must be able to confidently voice and describe complex issues in terms that the general public and average citizen (someone without professional training in the subject area) can understand.  Must communicate effectively, clearly, and concisely with others (internal and external parties, both verbally and in writing), exercise sound judgment and initiative; be flexible to shift priorities; maintain confidentiality; follow Health District policies – including adhering to the Health district’s immunization policy and the mission, vision, and values of the Health District.

Education/Experience-Medical degree required.  Preference given to candidates with some or all of the following:

·         previous experience in delivering governmental health services;

·         board certification in a primary care, emergency medicine, or preventive medicine field’

·         advanced training (for example, M.S. degree) in public health, healthcare administration, and related fields;

·         previous experience in military public health

License and/or Certification-Unrestricted licensed to practice medicine in the State of Texas; valid Texas driver’s license. 

ADA/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer/VETS WELCOME

NEW!  (Posted on April 26, 2016)

Milam County Health Department Executive Director

General Description of the Position:  The executive director works under general direction of the Milam County Board of Health consisting of the Milam County Judge and Commissioners with the latitude to operate independently. 

The director is responsible to manage, plan, coordinate, and supervise the Milam County Health Department, to negotiate, plan, and coordinate with Federal, State, Milam County and other local authorities on matters concerning public health programs; and to assist the Health Authority/Medical Director to ensure efficient delivery of public health services; and to coordinate administrative and program matters. 

This position is responsible for the planning, implementation, evaluation, administrative, reporting and budgetary requirements to meet the legislative and/or scope of work within revenue, expenditure limitations and/or legal requirements of the assigned public health programs of:  Preparedness, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Immunization, Tuberculosis, Women Infant and Children, Septic and County Indigent Health.   

This position is responsible for the direct management of the Preparedness program to meet the disease surveillance and/or requirements/responses in a public health incident/event. 

This position is responsible for the professional, technical and clerical staff to include development of job descriptions, hiring, performance evaluations and disciplinary action as needed. 

Example of Duties: Plan and supervise the coordination of professional health care personnel. 

Supervise personnel, accounting, and purchasing functions within the division. 

Prepare an annual budget for division operations, various State and Federal grant applications, and other funding documents and proposals as required 

Administer State and Federal grant funded programs in accordance with established State and Federal guidelines for operations, program management, record keeping and fiscal management to ensure programs meet established goals within approved funding frameworks. 

Develop collaborative partnerships and maintain relationships with other Milam County providers. 

Establish goals and objectives for the PHEP program to meet the requirements for the PHEP plans to include training and exercising of staff and volunteers for a public health emergency. 

Knowledge of: Management to include at a minimum:  planning, directing, reporting, staffing and budgetary responsibilities. 

Principles and practices involved in preparation for and response to public health emergencies and the public health components of other emergencies within Milam County.    

Supervisory experience to include:    development of job descriptions, hiring, disciplinary action and conducting evaluations

Levels of Training/Experience/Education:   Experience in Public Health at local or regional health service level preferred 

Computer proficiency in Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and Social Media development to include website design and Facebook. 

Credentials and Experience:  Bachelor degree in public health preferred with ability to substitute year by year with experience in clinical services, management, supervision or public health

Five years of experience in management, public health or public administration to include at a minimum three years of managerial, administrative or supervisory responsibilities   

Work Environment:   Attends work on a predictable schedule with the necessity to work outside traditional hours of Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. as needed 

Provides a safe environment for staff to complete their required duties while operating within the guidelines of the Milam County Employee Handbook

Salary:  $65,000/year base salary plus retirement, insurance and other fringe benefits. Employees are paid on a bi-monthly basis. 

Applications and Resumes:  Resumes are accepted; however, all applicants are required to complete a Milam County Application.  A blank application can be obtained by contacting Tiffany Greene, Milam County Human Resources at 254-697-7029.   

NEW!  (Posted on April 8, 2016)




These positions are funded by a new 4-year CDC grant with the aim of improving our program’s surveillance and reach, described a bit more in the e-mail below that you received on March 4. This grant is renewable after 4 years, through a competitive process. The two positions are as follows:

Program Specialist IV: oversees the Branch's family outreach activities; identifies and expands program partners; coordinates Branch's general activities related to critical congenital heart defects; and supports other activities related to the CDC grant.

Research Specialist V: works to understand, analyze, and interpret data from new data sources, in order to evaluate the ascertainment of the Texas Birth Defects Registry. Coordinates Branch data collection and analysis activities related to critical congenital heart defects (CCHDs). Examines outcomes of children born with CCHDs and other selected defects, during and beyond infancy. Assists Principal Investigator and program staff with other activities, including basic data linkage functions and activities related to externally funded grant(s).


NEW!  (Posted on September 30, 2015-still open closing 7/29/2016)

Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District (click here for more information)
Job Title: Dentist I/II
Opening Date/Time:   Mon. 09/21/15 12:00 AM Central Time
Closing Date/Time:   Wed. 10/14/15 11:59 PM Central Time
Salary: Depends on Qualifications
Job Type: Full-time
Location: 850 North 6th Street, Abilene, Texas

 NEW!  (Posted on February 18, 2015)

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